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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

24. Brandon Sanderson: Magic Systems

Bestselling Epic Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson was our guest on this edition of Farland's Authors' Advisory. Along with a spirited question and answer session, Brandon gave us three guidelines to use if the magic in the magic systems of our works aren't qute as magical as we'd hoped.  If you're writing a work that would benefit from having a magic system of any complexity in it, that is.

For nearly an hour of advice and answers from the author graced with the writing task of bringing a conclusion to the late Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series and the creator of such series as The Mistborn series,  (Including the latest "Mistborn" novel The Alloy of Law which releases November 2011) and the  novels in the  Alcatraz Smedry series  to name but a few,  press "Play".

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  1. As I expected, this was a highly informative and enjoyable call. Brandon was gracious enough to stick around overtime and answer questions, which is always a treat. Though he has covered this info before in Writing Excuses, it's the kind of stuff that bears repeating.

    Thanks for the call, guys.

    -- david j.

  2. David- Thank you for being an avid listener and frequent commenter! It helps us know we're doing things right around here. Brandon actually picked his own topic after I met up with him at this year's World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Reno, NV and its a topic he's not exactly unfamiliar with.

    I always feel I've taken a "Masters" level writing course whenever I get the chance to talk Brandon's ear off about writing. Glad you enjoyed it! Keep listening please.

  3. This was highly informative and useful. I learned more about strategies for a magic system that I was unaware of when reading fantasies.
    Thank you for the efforts to bring on such great authors.


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