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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

27: Steven Savile: Genre Hopping

Steven Savile writes religious political thrillers (SILVER), Germanic and Celtic fantasies,  projects for Sci-Fi TV series (including Stargate, Torchwood, Primeval and Dr. Who), Golden Age Sci-Fi (TAU CETI in collaboration with Kevin J Anderson), "Fabulist Victoriana," Arthurian Historical novels (BLACK CHALICE), YA Paranormal (THE MOONLAND DIARIES), Horror, and "Weird Western." He describes himself as: ".. the bestselling author you've never heard of". Part of that is because he lives in Europe, but part is because he's like a magpie when it comes to genres. He likes bright, shiny new things, and can't stay put in just one.

Steven told us about his drive to genre-hop, why he doesn't use a pseudonym, why he's an agent's worst nightmare, and why he's able to defy the odds as an author. He's planning to take a couple of  years building a brand in a single genre, but he'll inevitably return to... whatever strikes his fancy next.

If you've ever wanted to write in more than one genre, this is the call for you.

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  1. Big thanks go out to Mr. Savile for sticking around through the conference call problems. Once Robin got him on the line he was both hilarious and and knowledgeable. I loved his advice on always using your true name on a project, because you never know how it's going to sell.

    If you guys keep getting so many great guests, I'll never clear my to-read list.

    -- david j.

  2. David--if all we accomplish here is to give everyone more great books to read, it will be time well spent. :)

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