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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

27: Steven Savile: Genre Hopping

Steven Savile writes religious political thrillers (SILVER), Germanic and Celtic fantasies,  projects for Sci-Fi TV series (including Stargate, Torchwood, Primeval and Dr. Who), Golden Age Sci-Fi (TAU CETI in collaboration with Kevin J Anderson), "Fabulist Victoriana," Arthurian Historical novels (BLACK CHALICE), YA Paranormal (THE MOONLAND DIARIES), Horror, and "Weird Western." He describes himself as: ".. the bestselling author you've never heard of". Part of that is because he lives in Europe, but part is because he's like a magpie when it comes to genres. He likes bright, shiny new things, and can't stay put in just one.

Steven told us about his drive to genre-hop, why he doesn't use a pseudonym, why he's an agent's worst nightmare, and why he's able to defy the odds as an author. He's planning to take a couple of  years building a brand in a single genre, but he'll inevitably return to... whatever strikes his fancy next.

If you've ever wanted to write in more than one genre, this is the call for you.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

26: Tim Powers: Talking Writing with the Author of On Stranger Tides

Tonight for the first call of the official Second Season of Farland's Authors Advisory Conference Calls,  we had the distinct pleasure of welcoming two time World Fantasy Award and Philip K Dick Memorial Award winning author Tim Powers as our guest.  Tim is the author of such award winning novels as: The Anubis Gates, Last Call, The Stress of Her Regard and On Stranger Tides.  Tim shared with us a literary concept that has been in existance for a long time and has become connected with his works. The concept of  "Secret Histories", which is defined as a " revisionist interpretation of either Fictional or real (or known) historical events which  claim to  be deliberately supressed, forgotten or ignored by established scholars".

Tim answered such questions as:
  • What makes real world history a good starting point for writing a Fantasy novel?
  • How much of your historical research is used in your novel?
  • How would you accurately portray an historical figure and have them as a character in your novel?   
      For over an hour of answers to these and even more intriguing and insightful audience questions, press "Play".

Click here to download the MP3.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

25: 2011 Debut Authors: Book Launching

Tonight we heard from four amazing, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable newly published authors. They're fresh from the querying/submission trenches and have all sorts of advice.

Tyler Whitesides is the author of JANITORS, a middle-grade fantasy book inspired by his own experience as an elementary school janitor. Unsurprisingly, the janitors help the kids battle the creatures who suck kids' smarts out and make them sleepy in class. JANITORS came out in August, and Tyler is currently on an extensive tour, courtesy of his publisher Shadow Mountain.

Amber Argyle is the author of WITCH SONG, a YA high fantasy about the last untrained witch standing against an evil witch who has steadily taken over all the other witches. Amber's magic system, uses singing to help the witches manipulate the forces of nature. WITCH SONG launched September 1, and Amber has been busy presenting at local conferences. She is published through Rhemalda.

Michelle Davidson-Argyle   is the author of MONARCH, a spy thriller involving a framed spy, a lost love, and lots and lots of butterflies. MONARCH launched September 15, also through Rhemalda. She has one coming out next year and an anthology coming out in 2013.

Robison Wells is the author of VARIANT, a YA sci-fi with dystopian elements.  Published by Harper Collins, VARIANT launched early on October 4 to accommodate Barnes & Noble's promotion schedule. It deals with a foster kid who goes to a strange new boarding school, which turns out to be more like Lord of the Flies meets Maze Runner. Rob, whose day-job is in marketing, suggests that you should promote our books in ways you enjoy. For example, he does a podcast with Sara Eden and Marion Jensen called The Appendix.

Listen to all their amazing advice below, download the MP3, or subscribe to our podcast.

In other news, this 'cast marks the end of our first season here at Authors' Advisory. It's been an amazing ride, full of such powerful, informative guests and loyal callers. Thanks to everyone who has helped make Authors' Advisory a success!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

24. Brandon Sanderson: Magic Systems

Bestselling Epic Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson was our guest on this edition of Farland's Authors' Advisory. Along with a spirited question and answer session, Brandon gave us three guidelines to use if the magic in the magic systems of our works aren't qute as magical as we'd hoped.  If you're writing a work that would benefit from having a magic system of any complexity in it, that is.

For nearly an hour of advice and answers from the author graced with the writing task of bringing a conclusion to the late Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series and the creator of such series as The Mistborn series,  (Including the latest "Mistborn" novel The Alloy of Law which releases November 2011) and the  novels in the  Alcatraz Smedry series  to name but a few,  press "Play".

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