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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

16 Larry Correia: The Mechanics of Writing Action and Pacing

Tonight we spoke with Larry Corriea, author of the Monster Hunter series and Hard Magic: Book One of the Grimnoir Chronicles. During our conversation this evening, Larry "The Action Guy" shared with us ways we can improve the pacing and the flow of the actions our characters choices (or the choices placed upon them by the circumstances we put them in) play out in our books or stories.

Improving the action in our writings can include (but is not limited to):

  1. Balancing the amount of action vs the amount of characterization.
  2. Making sure you as the author don't overstimulate your reader with Action sequences.
  3. What "If its boring, fix it!" actually means.

Put on your "Big Boy" (or Girl) pants, sit down, belt up and hang on- Larry "The Action Guy" has something to tell ya!

You can access the MP3 here or you can listen to it below:


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  2. I hate that I missed this call. Unfortunately, my phone service was wonky so I couldn't dial into the conference.

    Thank you Robin and Mike for getting the MP3 up so fast. I'll have a listen on the way to and from work today.

    -- david j.

  3. You're very welcome, David. Hope you can make our call next Wednesday!

  4. David- Thank you! The techincal Gremlins can't keep us away from giving our faithful listeners the calls and advice they want. I hope you'll be there for our next call, too!


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