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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

13: Laura Anne Gilman: Professionalism and the Aspiring Writer

Tonight, we spoke with Laura Anne Gilman author of the Paranormal Scene Investigation series , The Vineart War novels and The Retrievers series. Although the writing in your work (s) must be as polished as it can be first, LAG shared:

  • The best (and worst) novel pitches she's ever heard as a former editor.
  • Whether or not you have a presence on Social Media (Twitter or Facebook etc) it shouldn't make or break your writing career.
  • Ways you can properly "work" a Convention (be it a writing convention or a genre centric convention) as an aspiring author.
And much much more!

If you've ever wondered how "The System" works from an editor's standpoint and an author's standpoint, lend an ear and be informed!

Listen to it below or download the MP3.


  1. Enjoyed last night's conference call. Sorry I had to leave early. Hubby had a ball game. He won!

  2. Thank you Robin and Mike for hosting the call with Laura Anne Gilman. It was great getting to pick the brain of an author who has played both sides of the field. I feel like I gained some real insight into approaching editors and agents in an effective way vice scaring them off.

    I can't wait till the next call.

    -- david j.

  3. Regina- Its ok! I'm glad that you were on the call. I wondered what you'd been up to since the Workshop where we met.

  4. David- Sorry this reply is really late but, I'm glad the call helped you so much!


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