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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

8: Michaelbrent Collings-- Ten Steps to Overnight Success OR How it Only Took a Decade to Get Paid

Tonight Michaelbrent Collings shared his presentation Ten Steps to Overnight Success OR How it Only Took a Decade to Get Paid. I saw him present this topic in February at BYU's Life, the Universe, and Everything symposium and loved it so much I just had to hear it again. I think you'll agree--this is great advice, and Michaelbrent had lots of great stories to go with it.

Michaelbrent is a novelist, screenwriter, martial artist, and until recently, was a practicing lawyer (he quit when being a writer started to pay better). He has written numerous novels, including RUN, BILLY: MESSENGER OF POWERS, THE LOON, RISING FEARS, and THE MERIDIANS. Michaelbrent has also sold, optioned, and done rewrites for screenplays for major Hollywood production companies, and is currently developing several movies and television shows. He couldn't give us details of his movie deals (yet), but maybe in a few weeks....

March 11 Update: Michaelbrent can finally confirm that his screenplay BARRICADE is being produced by WWE Studios, starring Eric McCormack. See the announcement by The Hollywood Reporter. Congrats, Michaelbrent!
In a nutshell, the ten steps are:
1.      Write.
2.      Involve yourself in marketing.
3.      Plug your book (or script, or whatever)!
4.      Make connections.
5.      Play nice with others.
6.      Constantly improve…but don’t over study.
7.      Be clear.
8.      Be interesting. And interested.
9.      Be prepared to be part of a big game hunt. And you’re not the hunter.
10.    You cannot fail…if you don’t give up.

To get the explanation behind the steps, you can visit Michaelbrent's website and read the PDF of his presentation under the tab "LTUE Papers" or you can download the MP3, or listen to it below:


  1. Great advice, Michael. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I think the reality checks and the inspiration as well were right on the money. I'll have to look into your work.

    And Robin, great interview, as well; you did a great job.

  2. I'm halfway through this one, and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks to everyone involved!

  3. Thanks, Dixon and Moses! Michaelbrent is absolutely worth checking into. I had a blast talking to him.

  4. Dixon and Moses...

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed/are enjoying the interview. The folks at the Authors' Advisory sure do put on a class act!

    Thanks again. Keep writin'!

    - Michaelbrent

  5. Offensive pink socks
    On cursed murderous feet
    Consider bluing

    Yes, this is what happens when you mention haiku, pink socks and murderers in the same breath.

    One correction: lawyers are only interesting to other lawyers - former lawyers are cool. ;-)

    Great production, really enjoyed it. Good Luck.

  6. You hear that, Michaelbrent? You're cool, but I'm still uninteresting. :( Ah, well. Maybe someday I can be cool, too. ;-)

  7. I'm still uninteresting, too, Robing. ;-)

  8. LOL--well, as long as we're uninteresting together. :)


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