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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10: David Farland- How to Sell Your Novel

Tonight, we took time for a word from our Sponsor, David Farland. Dave shared with us five key factors an aspiring author or newly published author must have for a novel that sells. Those five factors are:
  1. Make sure your novel is as good as it can be stylistically and grammatically before you try selling it.
  2. Research prospective agents and editors for your work.
  3. Crafting well written query letters.
  4. Where (and how) to best meet agents and editors who will properly market your work.
  5. Personal persistance and tenacity, how much is too much?
Dave took ample time to field questions from our Forum members. If you desire to astound the world with the brilliance of your prose, amaze humanity with your heart-rending flights of literary fancy, why haven't you stopped reading and started listening to what Dave had to say?

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  1. Enjoyed the conference call. As always, Dave was entertaining and informative. Mike Shaffer did a great job too.

  2. Thanks, Regina--I thought they both did well, too! :) Sorry we couldn't get to your question!

  3. No problem. I've asked my fair share during past conference calls.


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