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9/25/14 at 7pm Mountain time: Writers of the Future contest and Nebula award winning author Eric James Stone joins us to talk about the highs, lows and buckling midsections of writing Hard Science Fiction.
Hard SF- Placing greater emphasis on scientific and technical accuracy and detail rather than character in your novel or story.

Friday, March 15, 2013

31: The Finer Points of Cover Art and Artistry

Tonight for the second call of 2013, Farland's Authors Advisory was proud to welcome artists Ben McSweeney and Isaac Stewart. Ben and Isaac discussed at length how integral a well done layout and both exterior and interior artwork can be in enhancing the impact of an author's novels. They also answered questions such as:
  •  How is an artist selected by a publisher to work with a certain author or group of authors?    
  •  What artists or comics or cartoons inspired you to become professional artists?
  •  Are you allowed to read parts of books you're contracted to do artwork and layouts for, or just scenes from the books before you draw anything?

  For an hour-long interview that answers the above questions and more, press "Play" below!

  To view more of Isaac Stewart's work, visit his page here:

  To see Ben McSweeney's art and animation, visit his page here:

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